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Friday, July 11, 2014

a st bernard in poetry

From a collection of British dog poetry, here's a short but stout celebration of the Great St. Bernard's brave dogs.  I happened upon it this morning and couldn't resist offering it after my recent post.  It's identified in the collection only as "Rogers," but I think that's Samuel Rogers (1763-1855).

When the storm 
Rose, and the snow rolled on in ocean-waves, 
When on his face the experienced traveller fell, 
Sheltering his lips and nostrils with his hands, 
Then all was changed; and, sallying with their pack
Into that blank of nature, they became
Unearthly beings. 'Anselm, higher up,
Just where it drifts, a dog howls loud and long,
And now, as guided by a voice from Heaven,
Digs with his feet. That noble vehemence,
Whose can it be, but his who never erred?
A man lies underneath! Let us to work.'

 -- The Dog in British Poetry, Robert Maynard Leonard, ed. (London: D. Nutt, 1893) p. 26.

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