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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

no harm done

thanks wikimedia commons (PD-old-100)
It's been a bit since I indulged myself with a Tudor portrait. Circa 1603 (Queen Elizabeth I died that year, which might explain the extreme blackness of the woman's garments), a nameless painter of the English School painted a nameless Lady of the Sewall Family.  That's the family coat of arms up at the right, with the motto NO NOCEAT.  I am no Latin scholar, but this seems to mean Doing no harm or something along that line.  (Please correct me if you know better.  Seriously, please do.)
Look at that highly stylized, hollow-eyed dog. Look at the folds in its ears - no reason, I simply like its ears.  Since small dogs were often shorthand for loyalty, is this small white fellow a placeholder for a faithful subject's grief?  He's doing a good job.

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