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Friday, July 25, 2014

the cats that smile on your behalf

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist

New Hampshire artist Vivienne Strauss has a Philosophy background. In her artist's statement her work is described as "often migrating around the humor of being human – shared dejection, things left unsaid, false arrogance, disbelief, inspired irony."  This is her Cat Ladies, in which the women all seem pretty stylish and aware, but there's not one smile among them.  The cheer is all left to the cats, one for each lady, and of course my first thought is:  Are their cats second-best significant others?  Or do the cats simply have the freedom to show cheer and contentment, which you just won't do if you've a facade to keep up?  I'd also like to note that these jolly cats remind me of Andy Warhol's - now there was a guy who collected facades, yet still appreciated a happy cat.
Meanwhile, you should go see more of Vivienne's work at her Etsy shop and Facebook.  Vivienne doesn't know me, but I feel like she's painted me a time or two.  Maybe she's painted you too?

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