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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

a cat's most unusual buddy

In which a British writer relates another of those things you can just see happening in those exotic American States:

. . .But a most singular instance of attachment between two animals, whose natures and habits were most opposite, was related to me by a person on whose veracity I can place the greatest reliance. Before he took up his abode at Hampton Court, he had resided for nine years in the American States, where he superintended the execution of some extensive works for the American Government. One of these works consisted in the erection of a beacon in a swamp in one of the rivers, where he caught a young alligator. This animal he made so perfectly tame, that it followed him about the house like a dog, scrambling up the stairs after him, and showing much affection and docility. Its great favourite, however, was a cat, and the friendship was mutual. When the cat was reposing herself before the fire (this was at New York) the alligator would lay himself down, place his head upon the cat, and in this attitude go to sleep. If the cat was absent, the alligator was restless; but he always appeared happy when the cat was near him. 

I have to say that trumps any "weird animal friendship" story I have so far.  From Edward Jesse, Gleanings in natural history; with local recollections. To which are added Maxims and hints for an angler (London: John Murray, 1832), p. 163.

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