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Friday, January 02, 2015

mid-century style cat

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Yolanta Gawlik is a British artist with a feel for the mid-20th century.  She reduces forms to their clearest essence, and then has some fun compartmentalizing their parts and using bright color to make the pieces pop.   The resulting images are friendly, bright and modern for today as well.  Here's her excellent watercolor Mid Century Nursery Art Cat to show you how it's done, and here's Yolanta on her work:
Yolanta is an artist and illustrator living in London. She has a passion for the Mid Century designs and loves the the sense of playfulness they emanate. The illustrations and abstract prints in YolantaPrints shop on Etsy are her own take on Mid Century Modern style. They are vibrant and colorful and designed to make you smile.
(Edit) I asked Yolanta if she had a website, and she does, for her other work.  It's beautiful and you should look.  Please visit  http://www.yolantagawlik.com.

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