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Thursday, January 22, 2015

"the patriotic kitten"

From a tiny children's book of kitten poetry published in the 1920's.  Not sure which war the poet had in mind at this time; perhaps she was looking back at WWI?

Our home is patriotic
As every home should be,
But I am just a kitten
So War don't int'rest me.

But looks are quite deceiving
(An adage, very true)
For I look patriotic—
I'm all red, white and blue.

He did it in the garden
With two new cans of paint,
And when I saw what happened
It almost made me faint.

My ears were painted reddish,
(The painting made me wail)
But he made me patriotic
When he put blue on my tail.

But when the family saw me
I knew I'd "make a hit."
They said "Our snow-white kitten
Has lived to 'do his bit.'"

-- Jacobs-Bond, Carrie, 1862-1946. Tales of Little Cats. [33d ed.] Chicago: P. F. Volland Co., sometime in the '20's.

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