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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

names from a field dog stud book, 1908

Some names from a yearly list of top American field dogs:

Winnipeg Flo, Bill Johnston, Young Lady Westlake, Speedy Queen, Sam's Dingle (pointers)
Lady Victoria Kohn (the lone bulldog listed)
Bat Nelson, Father Knickerbocker, Lotus, Ferg's Cyclone, Kerzipp (Chesapeake Bay retrievers)
Benvenuto, Dakota Joe, Prince Rodney's Rod, Forest Queen, White Squaw (Llewellin setters)
Bragg's Single Shot, Chapultepec, Dukedum Fly, Glad Boy, Rio Roadster (English setters)

These and more all found in The Field Dog Stud Book: An Authentic Register of Names, Colors, Ages, Pedigrees, Sex, Winnings and Owners of Field Dogs on the American Continent, Volume 9 (American Field Publishing Company: 1909)

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