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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

a bunny button or two of lady jane grey

Long-eared Bunny, bright-eyed Bunny,
Bunny white and Bunny grey,
Oh, I think you are so funny
As I watch you at your play!
With your long legs and your short legs
How you spring and dart away!

Bright-eyed Bunny, long-eared Bunny,
Bunny grey and Bunny white,
On this morning warm and sunny
Would a run be great delight?
Oh, but if your door I opened
You would soon be out of sight!

-- Starring some button photos of Lady Jane Grey ("Jane" to her friends), courtesy of C. W.  The poem dates from 1885 and was found in a collection titled Chatterbox (J. Erskine Clarke, editor; Boston: Estes and Lauriat,  p. 317).

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