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Sunday, November 01, 2015

for day of the dead, some greek words on dogs and others gone by

thanks reusable art (PD)
Today we celebrate those we love who have gone to another shore, knowing that as long as we remember them they still stay with us.  The ancient Greeks didn't subscribe to that theory for their dearly departed, but they could still write a plaintive epitaph . . .

By Antipater of Sidon
On a Dog
Lampo, the hound of Midas, died of drought,
Though long and bravely for his life he fought.
His paws dug the moist spot ; but all too slow
Did water from the hidden runlet flow.
Worn out, he fell ; then sprang the fountain clear ;
Nymphs, ye revenged on him your stricken deer.

On an Ant
Busy toilsome hapless ant,
For thy sepulchre I plant
Next the barn a crumbled clod ;
So shall Ceres' fertile sod
Offer thee a rustic bed,
Cheer thee as thou liest dead.

By Tymnes
On a Maltese Dog
A Maltese lies this stone below,
Eumelus' watch-dog, "Bully" hight,
Most trusty friend ; his barking now
Is for the silent ways of night.

By Aristodicus
On a Pet Cicada
No more, shrill cricket, in rich Alkis' court 
Is heard thy voice ; no light of sun for thee.
Now through the meads of Hades dost thou sport
And dewy flowers of Queen Persephone.

Leaf, W. Little poems from the Greek. New York: R.M. McBride & Co., 1922. Pages 56-57, 63,64.

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