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Thursday, November 12, 2015

miniature schnauzer, by oscar jetson

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
There's a dog character in P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie & Jeeves novels that cracks me up: it's a black Scottie named Macintosh, and he's always described as looking upon all with disapproval, "like a Scotch elder rebuking sin."  This isn't a Scottie, it's a miniature schnauzer, but the look on his face stopped me in my tracks.  Perhaps there's also some longing in there?  "Stop doing whatever that is and play fetch already"?
With a face like that he should easily be able to get what he wants.  Nottingham, UK artist Oscar Jetson creates the originals of these winsome works from watercolor, colored inks and acrylic paint, and offers the giclee prints in his Etsy shop Ojs Dog Paintings.  Of himself, Oscar tells me:
I currently am owned by a Border terrier and a Cocker Spaniel but love all dogs and their unique personalities. I love to create colorful unique art as in 2015. Whilst I respect traditional dog portraiture I struggle to see the point in replicating a photograph.
My work is all created by me from pencil sketch to refined oil painting or reproduction print. All is completed in my home studio in Nottingham England but I ship worldwide!

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