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Monday, December 28, 2015

the tiger on the table

  • Woman lying under a kotatsu with a cat. RP-P-1958-495 Rijksmuseum: J.A. Bierens de Haan Bequest, Amsterdam (PD)
Here's a cold day in 1832 (at least that's when this print was made).  Might as well wear whatever's comfy, break out a book and stay under the kotatsu, the blanket-covered framework that hides a small heat source.  Oh look, the cat found the warmest spot in the room.
This print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi is part of a series referring to a classic Chinese novel, Suikoden or Water Margin, which recounts the adventures of 108 outlaws.  According to the Rijkmuseum our lounging pipe-smoking beauty and her friend refer to one particular outlaw, Wu Sung, who killed a tiger with his bare hands.  Guess who's meant to be the tiger.  I wouldn't worry about him.

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parlance said...

Kotatsu. That's a word that needs to be in my vocabulary. When I used to go camping, carrying my tent on my back, I had a little spirit warmer as small as my hand, and used to have it under the blankets. Now I know what word defines such a thing. (Luckily I didn't burn myself! Ah, the ignorance of youth...)