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Saturday, February 13, 2016

how to select your bandog, 1725

not a bandog
From the extensive book of household wisdom we saw a couple of days ago, here are helpful hints on selecting a watchdog:

BANDOG; a Dog for the House, Bull, Bear, &c. which should be chosen with such like Properties and Qualities, that he has a large and mighty Body, well set, a great Head, sharp fiery Eyes, a wide black Mouth, flat Jaws, with a Fang on either side, appearing Lyon like faced, his Teeth even on both his Jaws and sharp, a great Breast, big Legs and Feet, short Tail, not too curst nor too gentle of Disposition, nor lavish of his Barking, no Gadder*; and lastly, that he have a great shrill Voice for the Terror of Thieves.

*Doesn't run away, in other words.
- Chomel, N. (1725). Dictionaire oeconomique: or, The family dictionary. Page headed: BAN.  
Is there such a breed?  "Bandog" is a centuries-old term referring to a dog that was restrained ("banded") as a guard and watch.  In modern times bandogs are primarily crossbred, as the term is a descriptor of a type rather than a breed.  Do a Google search for bandogs.  Fascinating.

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