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Sunday, June 26, 2016

the cat boat / de poezenboot

Our friends MB Fountain (@MBFountain) tweeted the other day to say they were visiting De Poezenboot.  "Say hi for me," I tweeted back, totally envious.  It's been a while since I featured this very special cat sanctuary, which occupies a large houseboat in an Amsterdam canal. (There used to be two, but sadly the second seems to have been denied use by the municipality.  Oh dear; where's all the cat litter to be stored?)  Let's have another look:
De Poezenboot, English-language site
Their poster (which says "Help The Cat Boat, otherwise the cats die")
Catster recently featured a very fine article with lots of photos.
Some lucky soul got to play with the Boat cats for over an hour and filmed some of it.  There are lots of Poezenboot videos on YouTube.
The Cat Boat manages solely from charitable giving and proceeds from their shop.  Perhaps someone you know needs a cute Poezenboot tshirt?

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