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Thursday, July 21, 2016

dogs on ships: here's one

Wilhelm Hester [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, this is exciting - The Pet Museum is partnering with the MB Fountain over in the UK to co-curate an online exhibition of dogs on ships! This all hit me late yesterday, so I'm still prepping ideas and research. Get ready for a lot of historic/vintage photos of dogs on deck, everyone! Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, I'm starting off with this snap from back in the day in The Pet Museum's neighborhood: Capt CH Jensen & his dog on the ALSTERKAMP, Puget Sound, WA, ca 1904.


Roby Sweet said...

Can't wait to see more dogs on ships (even though technically I'm a "cat person")!

curator said...

Hi Roby - it's going to be a lucky couple of weeks for you then! chuckle

parlance said...

Looking forward to more of this type of photo!