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Monday, August 29, 2016

"the dog of reflection"

from the british library flickr collection (PD)
From a children's poetry collection dated 1903 - we revisit the fable of the dog and his reflection:

A dog growing thinner, for want of a dinner,
Once purloin'd a joint from a tray;
"How happy I am, with this shoulder of lamb!"
Thought the cur, as he trotted away.

But the way that he took, lay just over a brook,
Which he found it was needful to cross,
So, without more ado, he plunged in to go through,
Not dreaming of danger or loss.

But what should appear, in this rivulet clear,
As he thought upon coolest reflection,
But a cur like himself, who with ill-gotten pelf,
Had run off in that very direction.

Thought the dog, a propos! but that instant let go
(As he snatched at this same water-spaniel).
The piece he possess'd — so, with hunger distress 'd,
He slowly walk'd home to his kennel.

Hence, when we are needy, don't let us be greedy
(Excuse me this line of digression).
Lest in snatching at all, like the dog, we let fall
The good that we have in possession.
 --Jeffreys Taylor

Ingpen, R. (1903). One thousand poems for children: a new choice of the best verse old & new. Philadelphia: Jacobs. 29.

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