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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

there was a lady loved a swine, 1810

PD. thanks thegraphicsfairy.com

Enjoy this fanciful verse from a collection of nursery poems dated 1810, won't you?  I know I did.

There was a lady lov'd a swine,
Honey, quoth she,
Pig-hog, wilt thou be mine?
Hoogh, quoth he.

I'll build thee a silver stye,
Honey, quoth she,
And in it thou shalt lye;
Hoogh, quoth he.

Pinn'd with a silver pin,
Honey, quoth she,
That thou may go out and in,
Hoogh, quoth he.

Wilt thou now have me now,
Honey? quoth she,
Hoogh, hoogh, hoogh, quoth he,
And went his way.

- from Ritson, J. (1810). Gammer Gurton's garland: or, the nursery Parnassus; a choice collection of pretty songs and verses, for the amusement of all little good children who can neither read nor run. London: Printed for R. Triphook by Harding and Wright. 2-3.

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