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Friday, October 28, 2016

sweet music for your moggie

british library flickr, PD
 He thought he'd create a nice relaxing album for cotton-top tamarins, since the experiments were so successful. . . 
Upon giving it more thought, music researcher David Teie of the University of Maryland decided to share the music with a wider - MUCH wider - population.  Result: one wildly successful Kickstarter, and one new album from Universal with the sounds your kitty craves.
Music for Cats is that album. Full of calming sounds to bring your kitty downtempo, studies have shown the sounds work well for nervous, oversensitive felines. Why not a dog album?  Too many varieties - "I was worried about having to write terrier music and labrador music and so on," Teie said.  That doesn't mean Universal rules out the possibility.  Read the article here.

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