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Friday, November 11, 2016

the pet seal

thanks archive.org (PD)
I couldn't resist one more tale from Percy J. Billingshurst.  (I wish he would give names, dates, etc. Hard to fact check him.)  Today we meet a seal turned landlubber and liking it. . .

A gentleman once succeeded in taming a seal. It appeared to possess all the sagacity of the dog, lived in its master's house, and ate from his hand. He usually took it with him in his fishing excursions, upon which occasions it afforded no small entertainment. When thrown into the water, it would follow for miles the track of the boat; and although thrust back by the oars, it never relinquished its purpose. Indeed, it struggled so hard to regain its seat, that one would imagine its fondness for its master had entirely overcome the natural predilection for its native element.

-- from Billinghurst, Percy J.  Anecdotes of Animals. London, New York: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1901, pp. 122-3.

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