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Monday, June 05, 2017

three dogs, downtime

photo courtesy Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection
Here are "A Couple of Foxhounds with a Terrier, the property of Lord Henry Bentinck," as portrayed circa 1845 by William Barraud (British, 1810-1850).  This dignified, gentle painting is worth a good look, so if it doesn't come up larger on a click, please try it here at the Yale Center for British Art's record page.
I grant you that this painting concerns the hunt, which is not a tender activity.  What drew my eye is that Barraud has chosen to show the dogs either before or after - I feel it is after, as they seem more relaxed - and taking pleasure and comfort in each other's company.  Do you see how the white terrier is actually sitting on the one foxhound's feet?  Imagine my pleasure too to find a reference to Barraud himself indicating that this was the sort of direction he liked to take in his own life. I found it at this good short biography, where a contemporary is quoted on Barraud as "…upright and sincere, and while unsparingly rigid to himself, he was indulgent and considerate towards others."

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