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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


thanks reuseable-art.com
Wedawe:  a word that translates as "to own a dog" in the Mi'kmaq language, according to the vintage dictionary I have found this morning. The Mi'kmaq nation lives in Canada's Maritime provinces as well as parts of Quebec, Newfoundland and Maine; at the time of the book's writing, the language and the people were spelled "Micmac."  Also at that time the peoples of this nation wrote in a beautiful hieroglyphic system.  I mention that because I want you to see and appreciate it.
Here are some of their words regarding dogs, as recorded in the dictionary:

My dog, 'Nte.
Thy dog, ukte.
His dog, Ooteel.
A little dog, uliimoojeech.
An Indian's dog, ulnooaasum; Weiasiimooch.
A white man's dog, Aglaseawaasum.
A Newfoundland dog, Mootkulaasum.
A good moose-dog — i. e.. a good moose hunter — A moose-dog, Teamoowaasum.
A fox-dog, (a hound), Wokwisooaasijm.
A useless dog, Mejunooaasum. Lit., A dung- dog.
The ancient Indian dog, Lunsum.
A white dog, Wopsum.
What is this dog especially good for? - kogooaaasum?
A good dog for birds, Sesipawaasum.
He is a good dog for hunting porcupines, Madooeswaasum.
He is a capital dog for hunting bears, Mooinawaasum.
He is a good sheep dog, Cheechkelooaoochwaasum.
To own a dog, Wedawe.
A male dog, Nabesum.
A female dog, (a bitch,) Skwesum.
An old dog, kesegoo'sum.

-- from Rand, S. Tertius. (1888). Dictionary of the language of the Micmac Indians: who reside in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and Newfoundland. Halifax, N.S.: Nova Scotia printing company. 88-9.

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