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Saturday, September 30, 2017

the museum of ordinary animals

thanks pixabay
"The boring beasts that changed the world," runs the subtitle of this exhibit at London's Grant Museum of Zoology.  Think of it: when's the last time you visited a natural history museum and saw a chicken?  A dog?  Even (and this was a hotly contested inclusion, it seems) frogs? 
Why would you need to go to a museum to see these critters when they're everywhere around you?  The answer isn't so much about seeing as rethinking.  The Grant Museum's doing the natural-science version of what I do here at The Pet Museum: examining the impacts they have had on our world and our cultures.  Upcoming discussions, if you're lucky enough to be over on that side, are: "Is It OK to be a Cat Guy?" "Rats," and "Cats Broke the Internet."
Atlas Obscura has a bit more on it here.  (A word of warning: Nature science means specimens.  There are skulls, mummies, a preserved kitten.)

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parlance said...

I often think how terribly unlucky it was for chickens that human find them so delicious. I always aim to buy free range.