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Thursday, October 19, 2017

ever wonder why they're called "milk-bones"? here's why

thanks pixabay (CC0 creative commons). no clue on the backstory
Milk-Bones.  They've been a handy dog-treat staple for seemingly forever, but did you ever ask yourself why they're called "milk" bones instead of "meat" bones?  The answer involves the year 1907, an organic chemist, a great deal of milk (from a slaughterhouse, sadly), and the chemist's discerning dog.  Atlas Obscura has the story here.

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parlance said...

I read the article and found it interesting, and then followed another link to the birth of bone-shaped dogs. But I must say the idea that the slaughterhouse guy had 'waste milk' stirs my imagination in a fairly sickening way. Poor cows waiting to die, milk accumulating in their udders.