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Monday, February 05, 2018

a golden bird in your ear

www.metmuseum.org Rogers Fund, 1922
I have a fanciful thought that perhaps some lover in 11th - 12th century Iran gave these earrings to a beloved, the better to symbolize sweet words chirped in their ears.  Look at the intricacy of the golden scrollwork and granulation (where the little dots are applied).  All that, in a bird only 1.25 inch tall. 
Various birds were of importance in Iranian mythology.  Doves were symbols of love, and also religious messengers; peacocks were royal birds; falcons are a central image of Zoroastrian iconography.  According to this page, birds in general also evoked freedom.  What freedoms were part of wearing these earrings, I wonder?  Freedom to choose a lover?  Freedom of spirit?  Someone wore these once, and I can't help but wish I knew their particular story.

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