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Saturday, May 12, 2018

unusual modern dog fables

From a 1924 book of modern and frankly odd fables:

The Druggist, the Little Girl and Her Dog
A self-recording scale stood on the sidewalk in front of a drug store. A Woman, accompanied by her little Girl and her Dog, approached the scale. The Dog jumping on the platform, the Mother of the Girl said: "Get off, Jack; this is not for you," while the Girl, seeing the weight recorded, called out, "Forty pounds!" The Druggist standing in the doorway of the store, hearing the command of the Girl's mother, remarked, "I am willing that my scale be used by all that are my friends, the lowly as well as the high." "I am glad to hear you say that," said the Girl. "My Dog is low, but he looks up friendly to everybody."

The Dog at the Window and the Girl
A Dog was looking out of a window opening on a street, when a little Girl standing on the opposite side observed him. The Dog was motionless and the Girl was uncertain whether he was alive, or whether what she saw was the stuffed figure of the animal. So she crossed the street, and approaching the Dog smiling, he extended his head so that she could pat it.
(Moral:) To make a friend one has to approach his heart.
-- Sonntag, Lincoln. Up-to-date Animal And Other Fables. [Tarrytown, N.Y.], 1924. pp. 16, 65

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