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Monday, August 06, 2018

a magic song on the cat's origins

thanks british library flickr (PD)
"Of course I know the cat's origin, the incubation of 'grey beard';  on a stone was obtained the cat with the nose of a girl, with the head of a hare, with a tail from Hiisi's plait of hair, with the claws of a viper snake, with feet of cloudberries, from a wolf the rest of its body comes."

That is the whole song.  It seems that ancient Finn origin songs are used as charms to shame and humiliate the supernatural cause of a disease or harm, thereby to scare it off and bring healing.  Hiisi was, in essence, a trickster god.

Abercromby, John, baron, 1844-1924. The Pre- And Proto-historic Finns, Both Eastern And Western, With the Magic Songs of the West Finns. London: D. Nutt, 1898. p. 312.

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