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Sunday, August 23, 2009

serendipity: more rabbits

Funny how one notices things in themes. We were strolling through the Wallingford district in Seattle when this cute poster caught my eye in the window of the Rusty Pelican Cafe. Looks like Rabbit Haven is having a fundraiser there on Sunday September 19th.
Rabbithaven.org tells me that this bunny sanctuary started by chance one day, when the founder was at a mall and came across some folks offering to see their bunny's feet for $5 each. (???) Luckily they accepted a fiver for the whole bunny, and it was just history from there. Now this good cause has facilities in both Carnation and Gig Harbor WA. I could see why donations would be most helpful.
-- And I've recently learned of another charming rabbit incarnation: There's a folk toy character in China, called "Tu Yer" or Grandpa Rabbit (correct my phonetic rendering if I'm off, anybody), who's a mascot of Beijing. He's based on the story of the Jade Rabbit in the moon, and serves as a great example of how ideas and myths may become friendly everyday objects. Read about Grandpa Rabbit here.

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