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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

tame your turtle

thanks wikiart.org
...tame your world?  I thought I had found only a curious and appealing artwork, and instead cracked open a door to one amazing person's adventures.
This is "The Tortoise Tamer," a 1906 oil by the Turkish Romantic painter/archaeologist Osman Hamdi Bey. It's true that turtles are trainable; here's a sweet amateur blog post on how one does this, complete with videos.  Yet this piece is meant to be an allegory on his slow and steady work pace (which got a lot of good work done), as well as harking back to the ways turtles have been brought into pleasant use over the years.  I'm not counting turtle soup, and thankfully neither did he.
Osman Hamdi Bey was the subject of a graphic novel a few years ago.  Have a preview of the book and its creators here.

Monday, August 22, 2016

the simple joy of being a pup

thanks wikiart.org (PD)
This fresh and immediate puppy study is from the hand of George Harvey (Scottish, 1806-1876).  Harvey was famed for his close observations of character and detail, as well as his feeling for nature in both large scope (landscape) and intimate scope (portraits of people and animals).  As he was painting during the years of the Romantic style, I'm not surprised by the freedom of his approach, but I do very much enjoy it.  The Romanticism of the United Kingdom did tend to be of a closer, more personal scale, a look at Nature as you yourself engaged with its small daily representatives - your children, your farm, your horse.  Here's a very readable essay about this art movement, which is one of my favorites, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Friday, August 19, 2016

meet the bananacat

thanks clker
I may have met my latest spirit animal.  He's "very optimistic and carefree," and loves sweet treats and playtime.  He is also a little white cat that lives in a banana.  He does not leave said banana; he hops round inside it like a sack race - but only when there are no humans about.
His name?  Bananya.  He has a bunch of bananacat friends, and 7 episodes (so far) of their adventures.  Do not wait any longer - head over to Crunchyroll and get into this tiny, kawaii and oh so fruity Japanese anime.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

wordless vintage wednesday

thanks lovely shop on se stark

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

there was a lady loved a swine, 1810

PD. thanks thegraphicsfairy.com

Enjoy this fanciful verse from a collection of nursery poems dated 1810, won't you?  I know I did.

There was a lady lov'd a swine,
Honey, quoth she,
Pig-hog, wilt thou be mine?
Hoogh, quoth he.

I'll build thee a silver stye,
Honey, quoth she,
And in it thou shalt lye;
Hoogh, quoth he.

Pinn'd with a silver pin,
Honey, quoth she,
That thou may go out and in,
Hoogh, quoth he.

Wilt thou now have me now,
Honey? quoth she,
Hoogh, hoogh, hoogh, quoth he,
And went his way.

- from Ritson, J. (1810). Gammer Gurton's garland: or, the nursery Parnassus; a choice collection of pretty songs and verses, for the amusement of all little good children who can neither read nor run. London: Printed for R. Triphook by Harding and Wright. 2-3.

Monday, August 15, 2016

katsunori miyagi cat, seattle art fair

i took this
From the Seattle Art Fair booth of Ohshima Fine Art, Tokyo:  Katsunori Miyagi (b. 1963, Japanese), "Wuthering Heights," acrylic on canvas, 2009.  Cats seem to be a recent development for this artist; much of his earlier work portrays childlike beings, done in a similar simple style without the mosaic areas.  He's got a Facebook page with a wide variety of his work displayed, which you will enjoy.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

half a bunny, seattle art fair

i took these
These cast-glass rabbit fragments - you could say they were rabbits in process - are by Heidi Schwegler,  represented by Upfor Gallery (Portland OR).

Here's a closer look.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

vintage wordless wednesday

thanks lovely shop on SE Stark. i own this.