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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

gen art short pet films

In 2006 PetStyle.com and GenArt teamed up to create a pet-themed short film competition. (They're doing it again this year, but entries were due the 31st of March. If I'd known I'd have told you.) The fifteen finalists run the gamut from the garden-variety tragedy of your cat liking the house across the street better, to the innate comedy of dachshund races: "168 dachshunds race over two days. One wiener will rule them all . . ."

Pet films are sure fire tearjerkers aren't they? Again, pets give us the opportunity to feel the vulnerability we fear before other humans. One unlooked-for result of these terrible pet food recalls is the sudden communication between people who in some cases have lived near each other for years and not exchanged a word -- until it came to the opportunity to warn a neighbor about their pets' wellbeing.

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