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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

you otter not take this seriously

(Groan. Yeah, I know, but it was so there.)
Skillwise, otters impress: swimming is a given, but swimming whilst lazily lying
on one's back, smashing a sea urchin open against a rock balanced on one's
little otter tummy is a big draw. Perhaps the greatest skill of the otter is
that of merchandising, as the likeness of the otter is to be found on a vast
collection of teatowels, magnets and other related countryside themed goods.

Oh, and they squeak, too. So the gang over at Animal Reviews is overwhelmingly of the opinion that the otter would make a good pet. Which, for the record, it wouldn't. It's wild and needs water, lots of water, water all over your bathroom floor for frolic and playtime. Plus, I challenge you to find sea urchins at Petco for the feedin'. And the smell!

But I could let Animal Reviews talk me into thinking of one for a while. . . and maybe a stoat . . . or a handy, pragmatic vulture.

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