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Monday, September 24, 2007

soviet kitten

Lev Alexandrovich Bruni (1894, Novgorod -1948, Moscow) wasa Russian artist who also spent a year's study in France in 1912. This wasn't unusual then. The Russian and French cultures had elements in common, and some borrowed French words still make up the Russian vocabulary.

In 1915-16 he became familiar with the Russian avant-garde circle that included Tatlin. Though he tried his hand at the color and space constructions many of this circle were composing, I really feel he was at his truest when he worked with immediate, bold color and expression.

Take a look at 1920's A Girl with Kittens and see if you don't agree. Look at how she holds the squirmy little guys; note the look on the momcat's face, knowing the human won't hurt them, but better keep an eye out anyway.

Not convinced? Try his Woman with a Hound, same year.


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