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Thursday, November 08, 2007

fup no more

Sigh. I am sorry to report that Fup, the steadfast feline employee of Powell's Technical Books in Portland, passed away on October 25. She was 19. A tribute here.

Her health had been deteriorating for a while, so her vet made a special trip to put her to sleep at the store; she died, therefore, at home, surrounded by friends and coworkers. I wish Zozo could have had that.

I always enjoyed seeing Fup when I was at Powell's Technical. Everyone, give some love and respect to your bookstore cat of choice today.

Boy, I must have been upset, I misspelled "always."
And now I go back to watching "Tiger Week" on Animal Planet. Mm!

1 comment:

D. Elizabeth said...

I love when businesses/stores have an inshop cat. Our vet has one. Massive orange tabby that just lolls around like he rules the place, glaring dismissively at all the dogs. Awesome.