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Friday, November 09, 2007

zoey coast to coast

Sam Allen is a photographer based in Portland, ME, but she doesn't stay there all the time. She goes coast to coast, making appointments in various cities to take dog portraits.

They're good.

She has some help in this task: her dog Zoey, who serves as travel partner and official blogger. This is Zoey on the South Dakota Badlands:
Humans baffle me sometimes (actually, often). This is a strange place to visit.
There is no water to play in, no squirrels to play with, and nothing edible to
be scarfed. Just these pointy rocks. My humans said these rocks were bad. They
didn’t seem bad to me. They just sat there. What could they have done?

She goes to the St. Louis Arch; she goes to Niagara Falls. She meets the catering crew of Extreme Home Makeover. Man! What a lucky dog!

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