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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

swiss rabbit museum!

Yeah! Their website isn't much right now, and it's exclusively in German. Still, isn't it cool to know that should you get to Switzerland, hordes of fine Swiss bunny objects await you? (I jest a bit there. I don't know if they are all of Swiss origin. Also, I'm pretty sure that some products of that nation must be crap, chocolate, watches and banking notwithstanding.)

This tourism page assures you there are no stuffed rabbits, by which I suppose they mean taxidermy mounts. Here's the main page of the Hasenmuseum. "Hase" = German for "rabbit." Click on the "Fotos" button for a few pix.

Bonus I found elsewhere: a German toy-bunny blog. He's cute, he drinks wine, he's thrillingly foreign.


D. Elizabeth said...

Excellent! Now, if only I spoke German...

(or was motivated enough to use BabelFish)

curator said...

BeLIEVE me, not like BabelFish is infallible. I actually read German at a gradeschool level, so I could pick through part of the Hasenmuseum -- it's mostly just "here we are" and "look at the rabbits" basic stuff.