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Monday, November 26, 2007

more cowper kitten

The attributions on the last one are not visible, I see. That was from from The Works of William Cowper: His Life, Letters, and Poems (R. Carter & Brothers, 1851). William Cowper (British, 1731-1800) was a popular poet who wrote of everyday life in his time. It's pronounced "cooper", incidentally.

And now from August 1782 Cowper brings us snake vs. kittens (happy ending unless, spoiler, you are a snake):

The Colubriad

Close by the threshold of a door nail'd fast
Three kittens sat: each kitten look'd aghast.
I, passing swift and inattentive by,
At the three kittens cast a careless eye;
Not much concern'd to know what they did there,
Not deeming kittens worth a poet's care.
But presently a loud and furious hiss
Caused me to stop, and to exclaim—what's this?
When lo! upon the threshold met my view,
With head erect, and eyes of fiery hue,
A viper, long as Count de Grasse's queue.

Want the rest? Read it here.

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