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Saturday, March 01, 2008

speak, memory

I've swiped the title of Nabokov's memoirs for this post. It seemed the perfect shortcut to say goodbye to a dog belonging to a very fine artist who knows and uses the value of memory.

Salvatore was 14, and despite the love and help lavished upon him by his person Tara McDermott it was time to set him free.

Tara's work, which leaves out specific references to place and time, permits the viewer to enjoy their own memories within the palette of her photography -- I find her series "Memories" particularly strikes my heart, though she's just created "Shoreline" and that's pretty exhilarating.

You'll find Salvatore here, fourth square from the left. A beautiful work for a good dog.


parlance said...

A beautiful photograph, a lovely dog, alive in my memory, too, now that I've seen the picture.

curator said...

Yes, there's something comforting in the ability to make something honoring your pet. I hope you have Penny for a long, long time, but your blog is a good example!