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Thursday, June 19, 2008

"a good dog is worth three men"

So it is apparently said of a valiant Florida Cow Dog, also known as the Florida Cur (lookit one here). Did you know Midwestern beef starts out as Floridian beef calves? They get transported to the Midwest to finish growing and become food. But while they're out there, the ranchers need smart tough dogs to manage them. Not a fancy dog at all, as this quote from an area cattleman might indicate:
“They just got kind of a little round lookin’ head on ‘em, kind of short-eared. Not like a bull dog. Kind of got short hair on ‘em. Some of ‘em is stub-tailed or bob-tailed. Some of ‘em is long-tailed. Some of ‘em is yellow lookin’ dogs with a black mouth. Some of ‘em’s black, you know, with a little yellow on ‘em. I’ve seen some brindle dogs, leopard dogs.”

This is from a short and informative article (I swiped the title for this post because it was swell). Read it and see photos here.

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