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Monday, June 02, 2008

the indispensable pomeranian

I didn't know the little fluffy Pomeranian dog was called a "zwergspitz" in its native Germany. They're called Pomeranians because Queen Charlotte of Britain selected her Poms from the region of Germany known as Pomerania (now split between western Germany and eastern Poland).

Nor did I know that Michelangelo had one, or Martin Luther. Mozart wrote music for one. Learn about Pomeranians here. A little more here with pictures. Would somebody please tell me if they know which aria Mozart wrote for his dog? I feel so lame not being able to find it!

Later edit: Perhaps I can make up for the lame post by throwing in a link to this book on the Pomeranian, written in 1908 by "G.M. Hicks, M.A."

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