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Sunday, June 01, 2008

items from a french newspaper, 1906

I've been reading Novels in Three Lines, by the writer Felix Feneon (1861-1944). During 1906 the quiet, elegant Feneon worked as a journalist for the newspaper Le Matin, submitting pieces in which stories of local note were distilled to two or three short, punchy sentences. A very few had to do with animals and pets, of which my favorite (??) runs as follows:
In the vicinity of Noisy-sur-Ecole, M. Louis deLilliole, 70, dropped dead of
sunstroke. Quickly his dog Fido ate his head.

There's also
Because an automobile ran over his dog, a peasant from Dardilly, Rhone, shot at
another automobile. He got a year in jail, suspended.

Frachet, of Lyon, who had been bitten by a pug but had apparently recovered,
tried to bite his wife and died rabid.

Novels in Three Lines is one of the many, many excellent titles reissued in the New York Review Books classics series.

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