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Friday, May 30, 2008

dogs can't be nazis! can they?

I just thought it wasn't totally fair for a dog's grave to be publicized as "The Nazi Dog" - anyway, I've just learned that Giro the Alsatian ever existed, and that his owner loved him well enough to bury him with a nice stone in the front garden of a London residence. He belonged to the German ambassador to Britain in the early 30's. What do you think, does his master's Nazism make the dog one too?


The Lee County Clowder said...

Actually, it looks like the Shady Old Lady is fudging the facts a bit. From what we can find, Leopold von Hoesch was actually a left-over from the Weimar Republic, who had the good fortune(?) to die before he could be replaced.

But to answer your question, no, we don't think dogs can be Nazis, and likely wouldn't want to be even if they could.

parlance said...

Depends on what the dog thought about politics, I guess. Since he didn't leave a written record, I'll just assume he thought all humans were equal :-)