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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i can get you the third most famous rabbit

But if I look at the list provided by threelittleladiesrabbitry.com, I really can't get you numbers 2 and 1. They made this lovely and exhaustive list, and just didn't get around to the top 2. That just tickles me.

But at least you can learn all the verses of Little Bunny Foo Foo, or the resume of the Energizer Bunny. Anybody got any bunnies to add? I'd love to hear.


Anonymous said...

They just sorta ran out of steam right at the most exciting point!

Well, I think we can agree that Bugs Bunny has to be #1. But I'm stuck when it comes to the 2nd place finisher. I'm sure it's an obvious choice that I'm overlooking.

Anyway, I'll add these: Oswald the Rabbit was important for awhile for Walt Disney. What about the Cadbury Bunny? The killer rabbit that swam up to Jimmy Carter? Captain Kangaroo's Bunny Rabbit?

RobUsakowski said...

I agree add the Cadbury Bunny, Peeps Bunnies. We eventually did finish.