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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This morning it is 33 degrees out. And I am thinking of chinchillas.
Remember Ajax the chinchilla, mentioned in yesterday's post on alternative petstyles? I am always tickled by the way they look - like a portly cockney bunny rabbit with ears squashed by a bowler hat. " 'Ello guvnor."

But I've never known one or been around one. That's why I am delighted to have found a site titled The Sounds Made by the Chinchillas. (Sounds like The Flight of the Conchords.) This is a German-to English site filled with pictures and cute tales, and yes, lots and lots of QuickTime files of chinchilla noises. I could listen to a sleepy and content baby chin for hours, I think.


Fin said...

Mommy felt one in a pet's store and said they were super cute and very soft... like me!

curator said...

Oh I can't imagine THAT! . . .can you?!
And a very Happy New Year to YOU, Fin! I must make sure to wish one to Whicky Whuudler.