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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

vintage cat cartoon!

"It still remains a question whether man adopted the cat, or the cat adopted man."

Just ask Disney. "The Great Cat Family" was a Disneyland episode in 1956, and now you can find it on YouTube. There's two parts; I'll link to the first bit,with its charming portrayal of an early Egyptian using every fishy wile to make a new cat friend. Oh, and check out the kitty tomb with its mummified mice. Wow.


Happy New Year, dear readers!

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Everycat said...

We've never seen that before Curator, so found it interesting to watch (excellent animation art too). We watched Part 2 also.. strange that Disney alluded to the terrible persecution that cats endured during the Middle Ages (Part 2) but completely excluded the sacrifice (slaughter) of millions (yes millions) of cats at Carnak in ancient Egypt, in favour of presenting only the history of the god like status of the cat back then. That Disney bloke was one weird kipper!

Anyway... thank you Curator and staff for all the great posts you put together for your readers. We really appreciate and always enjoy visiting The Pet Museum.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year to you all!

Whicky Wuudler