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Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy 2009! some posts i loved most

Yay! I certainly hope things get better for us all this year!

You know how the New Year usually brings out the whole "Best Of" thing? Well I'm not going to do THAT, but I did want to take a look back at a handful of posts close to my heart and sometimes funnybone.

There was The Amazing Skidboot, one of the most gifted dogs ever. I can't forget the gorgeous, scary mechanical tiger Shiva. And I still love those rabbits in Crispypaintings. Speaking of which, I can never forget that "that's rabbit's dynamite."

Do you remember the Italian skunks? Or the Aussie horse Bazzy Boy, who made me laugh out loud? I recall the good lessons learned from Dahni, the blind kitten. I wanted to include Sebastian the handicapped duck, but the link is gone - she (yes) left this life, and here's her YouTube memorial.

You know, when I think about "my favorite post," the one I always go back to is the cat in a knit squid hat. The concept was sheer surrealism.

That's enough now. . . More champagne (nip? bones?) for us all!


Everycat said...

Good to see some exhibits that I missed - Dahni, what a wonderful cat, but what a tragic shame they resorted to declawing him - taking away one more of his essential tools.

Sebastian the duck, brought tears to our eyes - that lady was a wonderful person to look after him so lovingly for 12 years.

...and who could forget the funniest horse on the net - Bazzy!

A grand selection Curator, thanks!

Whicky Wuudler

curator said...

Whicky W, you are very welcome and also very kind! You know it is my pleasure to bring these things to my Museum friends. I hope the New Year is starting well for all cats&beans in your house?

parlance said...

I just spent a pleasant few minutes revisiting some of the funny posts and looking at ones I must have missed when you posted them.

curator said...

Always good to see you Parlance. How are things on your side of the world? I will come visit your and Penny's blog very soon. Best wishes for the new year!