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Thursday, April 15, 2010

gunn again, with a scene I know well

***Curator's edit 1/5/2012:  Rats!  The Dutch page is no more (as you've probably already seen).  However, "Apartment  Cats" by Thom Gunn is easily found online.  I cannot copy the poem here in whole, as I haven't gotten copyright permission.

The Girls wake, stretch, and pad up to the door. . .

Oh, okay, I give in to myself. I fought the temptation to also post on Thom Gunn's poem "Apartment Cats," but it's too charming. I have Girls, too, and they pad everywhere they blooming please each morning.

They rub my leg and purr;
One sniffs around my shoe,
Rich with an outside smell
. . .

And so I went looking for a place to send you for the whole poem. What I found was an interesting multicultural jackpot - a Dutch poetry site's page on Katten, with English, German and French cat poems all together, untranslated. Apartment Cats is second down on the page.

"Gedichten over katten," the page is titled - "Poems on cats." Now I simply must find a translation of the 6th one down - Maurice Careme's Mon petit chat.

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Cliff and Olivia said...

Nice poems and an interesting Dutch site. Thanks for posting.