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Monday, April 12, 2010

thom gunn cats

This weekend I took part in the Seattle Edible Book Festival, as I do most every year. This time my chosen book was Thom Gunn's Collected Poems and I attempted to do justice to "The Nature of an Action": "Here is a room with heavy-footed chairs, / A glass bell loaded with wax grapes and pears. . ." A simple, lovely fruit arrangement, right? Do you know how hard it is to get grapes to behave? (The pears were much more tractable.) Sigh.

Anyway I'm a Gunn convert, you've gathered, a deep fan of his elegant, sensual and immediate voice. I want to send you to his poem "Cat Island." Since it is still in copyright I cannot post it here, but poemhunter.com could.

Cats met us at
the landing-place
reclining in the sun
to check us in
with a momentary glance
... (more)

There really is a Cat Island in the Bahamas.

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