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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

say it caninamente!

From an 1863 Spanish/English dictionary compiled by Mariano Velázquez de la Cadena:

CANINAME'N'TE, can-in-ahmen'-tay, ad. In a passionate, snarling manner; like a dog.

Which was cheek by jowl with the following useful but not at all romantic term:

CANINE'KO, can-tn-tr'-o, tm. One who gathers the excrements of dogs for the use of tan-yards.


magadog said...

Lovely after-dinner read.

parlance said...

Those tanning yards were the original environmentally sensitive places! They seem to have made use of all sorts of thing.

curator said...

It's really interesting in an odd way how useful "pure" (an old term for it) has been to many cultures.