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Sunday, November 13, 2011

when it's cold outside this will help

The onset of a wet, dark Northwest winter leads me to something I rarely do: offer my latest best thing, which this time is the microwaveable SnuggleSafe heatpad. This is currently helping keep our black porch kitty warm while she thinks about moving into the house.
I agonized over buying this, because it's about $27 plus shipping, but it's taken a huge load off my mind. The SnuggleSafe is a thick pink plastic disk that you pop in the microwave for however many minutes depending on the voltage of your appliance - the packaging will tell you exactly. It comes with a fleece cover so you don't have to buy that extra.
Does it provide little porch kitties 12 solid toasty hours? Well, no, because it is cold outside and a lot of heat just poofs off into the chilly, chilly ether. But I can tell you for sure it is still warm after 5 hours in the wooden box we made for her. So if you have some critters that can stand some safe and dependable heat, try this.
Here's the link to get one through my affiliation with EntirelyPets.com.


jen said...

That's a great thing for the upcoming winter! That would be great for pocket pets that are traveling!!

curator said...

Yes, it really is safe and at least I can go to work knowing there will be something warm (not hot, but at least warm) for her feet. Then I come home and heat it up again.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We've heard that once they cool, things like that start absorb heat from the kittie. Not sure if that is a real problem or not, but might be worth checking out if you have anyway to check it.

Is there room in the box so the porch kitties can sleep in the box but not on this if they think is too warm?

curator said...

Thanks, I will check that out - there's lots of room in the box for her to stay away from it. When I pick it up after its heat is gone it just feels like any other thing left out would - I think the fleece cover helps insulate that.

cate said...

Ooo I think I need to get one for Poppet who almost actually sits on the fire! It might work well for my 90 yr old mother in law that's coming to visit :D

curator said...

Cate, I have to say, I have read rave reviews from people who have bought one for their own selves. They ARE hot when you take them out first, unless you nuked them with the cover on (which you can do, it's okay).

parlance said...

Interesting! My best friend is a cat lover. She 'rescued' a neighborhood cat who wouldn't come into the house. For a while he lived on the porch and this would have suited him beautifully. But since then she has cut a trapdoor (or, more specifically, a 'catdoor') in the floor of the end room and he lives beneath that floor in his specially built cat enclosure, with part of the garden set aside for him within his enclosure. Sometimes humans are allowed to creep into his room to bring him his meals. He hisses at us. Not at her, though.