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Saturday, April 21, 2012

a great lady doesn't fear parroting

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD:US}}
Certainly not if you're the great French queen Marguerite de Navarre, portrayed here by Jean Clouet circa 1530.  Here's what the philosopher Erasmus once wrote to her:  "For a long time I have cherished all the many excellent gifts that God bestowed upon you; prudence worthy of a philosopher; chastity; moderation; piety; an invincible strength of soul, and a marvelous contempt for all the vanities of this world."  To add to all that, she wrote many thoughtful and well-received works.  So when I followed up on the symbolism of her pet parrot - I knew it had to be in there for a reason - I was not surprised to discover that the bird has been variously used to signify eloquence, prudence and spiritual virtue, due to its ability to imitate the human voice.  After all, if you have a bird around that can sound just like you, you really want to say only the wisest things.
**Note:  Marguerite's best known written work is The Heptameron.

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euthymic said...

I never knew that's what the parrot symbolized...Thanks for sharing:)