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Sunday, April 22, 2012

curiosity...entertained the kitten

thanks wikimedia commons {{PD-Art: US}}

We've seen Henriette Ronner-Knip (Dutch, 1821-1909) here at the Museum before.  I couldn't resist this little oil-on-panel today.  Titled "Curiosity," all we know is that it was painted before 1909. It's a swift, active sketch, showing her usual attention to naturalistic portrayal.  I think she's perfectly captured one of those split seconds when a kitten is about to go wham! on a handy bug.  Elizabeth loves to leap after bugs.

I see it's Earth Day.  Happy Earth Day, everybody!  I hope you get to take some time outside and meet some other creatures with whom we share the world.  The robins are finally back out here in the Northwest, and if I go walking I'm going to look for deer (they are surprisingly numerous in the city where I live).

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parlance said...

Happy Earth Day!