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Monday, June 18, 2012

bunnies in their world

image copyright and by kindest permission of the artist
Big calm bunnies.  Little bunnies, in need of a little reassurance.  Why not pretend they have cozy burrows with braided rugs and armchairs, and exciting books to read of an evening?  Beatrix Potter created a universe like that, and I have to say this print by Massachusetts artist Kim Parkhurst - working as Toadbriar - has just such a feel. I'm also enamored of the smooth form and warm, serene shading that builds this scene.  Let me bring Toadbriar herself in to tell you more:
When I have made a painting that resonates with a viewer, it is a wonderful little instant bond of recognition and shared experience. Animals disarm us and get right through our defenses to our tender parts, and the magic of eliciting a smile of recognition from a complete stranger viewing one of my paintings is a great joy for me. Our family is a diverse flock - two dogs and three cats, a horse and goats, ducks and geese, and a talking parrot as my studio supervisor. The duck pond is the meeting place for all sorts of wildlife, from deer to turtles, frogs, and occasionally herons. It's a rich environment to grow inspiration.
So - the communication is magic. As that poem ("Pangur Ban" - Curator) from 1200 years ago makes my heart swell with fondness and recognition for that monk and his dear kitty who is just like mine in his Very Serious Duty, I get to make art that forges a similar connection to other people. I don't know if some of those people will be from 1200 years into the future, but thinking about that is only a distraction from my more immediate and joyous task of making my pictures. 
Over at her Etsy shop you can see more of the sweet Toadbriar universe.  Check out the label for Kitty Biscuits, or for Yella Fella Apples.

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parlance said...

Yes, it's lovely. I particularly like the little one's finger in the mouth, so evocative of childhood and trust.